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aParent IVF Lab Team Wins Again: Coveted Recognition of Excellence Award
2019: Senior Embryologist Justin Estacio along with the rest of the aParent IVF Laboratory Team at Highland Park, have received the coveted award for Superior Outcomes in Egg Vitrification Warming at the 2019 ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) Conference.

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Congratulations to
Dr. Laurence Jacobs, honored by
Israel Bonds Chicago
What a wonderful night to remember as aParent IVF celebrated Dr. Laurence Jacobs alongside his beautiful family. Dr. Jacobs was one of 3 doctors chosen from more than 5,000 Jewish Physicians and Dentists in our area to be honored by Israel Bonds Chicago. 

30,0000 BABIES
One of the country’s top independent fertility labs owned and operated by a female embryologist, for more than 30 years aParent IVF Laboratory has been helping to turn patients into parents. 30,000 babies later- a result of our collaboration with participating doctors- it’s clear why we’re Chicago’s number one choice for IVF patients. 
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OVA Egg Freezing Launch
After 30 years of helping to turn IVF patients into parents, the experts behind aParent IVF Laboratory are turning their attention towards another specialty: helping women everywhere preserve their fertility options.
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aParent IVF Laboratory on ABC Nightline
aParent IVF Laboratory talks about egg freezing on ABC Nightline - March 26th 2015. Click to watch!
As a privately-owned lab, we build relationships with only the most experienced doctors to provide you with the best clinical care possible.
Our embryologists have been working together for more than 30 years, specializing in the latest IVF, PGS and cryopreservation techniques with industry-high success rates. Our experience with these techniques is unrivaled.
Our laboratory plays a uniquely active role in bridging communication between our doctors and patients. With direct access to our lab, your doctor can create the best roadmap for your successful treatment plan.